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In modern society, the number of stressors we face—psychological, emotional, physical, environmental—presents our greatest challenge. Stress is the number one aspect of life that we must confront if we are to have better outcomes, make improved decisions, and enjoy better health, regardless of our individual starting profiles. If we desire to improve, we should start by managing the stress response. If we wish to maximize ourselves in this world, we must strive to master the stress response by turning the nervous system into an hormetic stress catalyst. In doing so, we will benefit from the stress itself, as well as deep peace, sleep, and recovery.  Our goal is centered to eliminate chronic stress, the counterpart to hormetic stress, which devastates the immune system, impairs clear decision-making abilities, and steers action between wasteful panic and freeze-state overload. Master the Stress Response ... optimize your performance ... own your health... elevate your relationships ... expand your consciousness. Master your life.

FIGHT FREEZE FAST FCK BREATHE - Mastering The Stress Response (Book PDF)

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