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Don’t just survive, maximally thrive by mastering the stress response

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We are at a point in history where the number of stressors - psychological, emotional, physical, environmental, and disease - present the deepest challenges we face in modern life.  Stress is the number one thing we must confront if we are to have better outcomes, improved decisions, and better health regardless of our individual starting profiles.  

If we desire improvement, we must start with managing the stress response. If we wish to maximize ourselves in this world, we must strive to master the stress response.  

To master stress response is the single most important thing we can do to optimize our human potential.  The key to mastering stress lies in the ability to access and guide the nervous system in highly specific ways. Survival stress tools stand at the peak of training modalities to consistently penetrate all levels and areas of the nervous system so that we can steer the stress response for intentional and positive outcomes.   

By turning the nervous system into an hormetic stress catalyst, we benefit both from the stress itself, as well as experience deep peace, sleep and recovery. We must eliminate chronic stress, the counterpart, which devastates the immune system, impairs clear decision-making, and steers action between wasteful panic and freeze state overload.

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